Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Danielle - Spring 2011 - Lab A1

Day one in my PE 255 class I had to teach my classmates an activity of my choice. I chose to teach some basic stills with a soccer ball. Also how to trap, pass, and shoot the ball. First I started by having the students get a ball. Then we did foundations and toe touches to get the feel of the ball. Then had them get a partner and line up across from each other. I went over how to pass with the inside of the foot. I used a golf club as an example to keep the foot stiff and loose. Also went over how to trap the ball with the bottom of the foot. After a few times I taught them a different way to pass the ball. I explained about how to use the top of their feet to create more power (not the toe). I showed them how to do it then let them all try. This way of kicking the ball will give you more power and is ideal for shooting at the goal. Then I had the class move in front of the wall in three lines. I told them to practice shooting at the wall with the top of their foot. I explained how it is important to follow through with the kicking leg. Then I had them move back a little and dribble the ball up. Making sure to plaint the foot they are not kicking with beside the ball and power through with the top of the other foot. It is important to plaint the foot next to the ball to help drive the ball and create more power. After a few times of them kicking it with their dominate foot I had them try the other one. Then I ended the class by having the students put the equipment away.

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