Wednesday, April 13, 2011

getting a curve ball in lab D


Today I taught my lab D lesson. It was my last lesson in 255 I was almost home free, just Socci in my way. I had everything planned out. Done to where students would be, what activities they would do, and when they would do it. Then I see two of my teacher aids roll up in wheelchairs. My heart dropped I was hoping they were tired and were simply taking a seat. Nope they were there to join in my lesson. Standing with my heart in my throat thinking to myself what do I do. I decided to have them throw a ball to each other while the other students work on their pull backs. I was lost and wasn't sure what to do with them. I had no plan for someone with a disability. Our next activity was throwing which they could actually participate in. But then I scan the gym to make sure everyone is following directions and doing well. And I see Ben one of my TA'S who was in a wheelchair on the ground. He had fallen and needed help so not only did they come with wheelchairs one of them fell. Nicole helped me pick him up and I went on with my lesson after making sure he was okay. My next activity I had planed was juggling with your feet and thighs. Once again something a person in a wheelchair will have great difficulty doing. As the other students juggled I had Ben and Ducky try juggling with their shoulders and head. Them I had everyone come over to a court I had made to play "Swarms Ball". I is a game combining handball and soccer. Soccer right another thing a person with a disability like being in a wheelchair will have problems with. As the game went on I realized that everyone was only using their hands to to change it up I said now you can only use your feet (without fully thinking it through). Then I change it real quick tell Ben and Ducky they can use their hands. I was hard to get them included because everyone else was so rough. For now on when I am creating a lesson plan and progressions I will always act like I have a student with a disability! Even though It caught me completely off track I am happy they did that because it really opened my eyes. 

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