Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why get in shape?

In the United States today lives are filled with cell phones, Wi Fi, TV, Computers, and video games. Except for a small percentage whose lives are filled with outdoors, physical activity, and fitness. Finding this news out really made me wonder! Yes there are video games that make you move now, but it’s not the same as going for a run outside. I is why I want to stand up and make a change in people’s lives for the better.
There are many reasons to get into shape. The one I think is key is your own health. With extra weight on your body can come cancer, dieses, also more likely to become ill. Even if you don't have extra weight but you’re not in shape can also cause problems. The main one being aging. As you age your body starts to break down from stress, gravity, and no exercise. If you are in shape your body will most likely not hurt as bad with age. Another reason to get into shape is for your friends and family. Most of us have been at a family event and had to do some kinda of activity that if someone isn't in shape could hurt them or even embarrass them. Also as said before not being in shape can cause health problems which can cause a lot of doctor visits or even death.

So why not get in shape? Many people say "well I don't have time" or "Oh, I'll start next week". Do you really think these are valid excuses when it comes to being healthy? If so then okay, but if not take action in your life. If you have tight schedules write down everything in your day and see where or what you can change to fit in 30 minutes of some kind of physical activity. Also there are smaller steps you can take to increase physical activity. One way is park farther way when a work, store, or class. Another way is to walk to your mail box rather than grabbing it on the drive into your driveway. One more way is to rather than taking the sub way or bus walk! Yes these things may take a little more time but it will most likely result in less time spent sick or at the doctors.

Now you may be thinking what should I do to get into shape? Well here are a few ideas to do. Walk every night with a friend or family member. Go out and play with your child or friend’s child. Invest in a bike and ride around the block. There are many more ways that you can do to get into shape.

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