Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blue Pride

As I have posted before I am helping out the Homer softball girls Varsity team.
Monday was a tough preparation day for us. We only have 12 girls on the team. That leaves two girls to be on the bench. But last weekend in our mudville tournament two of our girls got hurt. They were both out with shoulder injuries and it was a maybe that they would be back for Monday’s game. Not only did we have the stress of two girls out one being a started, but we were playing against Jamesville Dewitt, who were undefeated.  When I got to the field at three o’clock I talked with our head coach. Not sure what she was thinking. I found out our two injured girls were cleared, but were not going to start if even play. Since this game against JD was not league we were okay with keeping our girls healthy, and wait for the next meeting with them. As I made my way to the bench with the other girls I find out our starting pitcher was in a car accident last night. My heart dropped Chippy the girl who was in the accident had not told coach yet. I could only image how that talk would go. The other girls were saying the car was totaled but she only came out with a few burns from the air bag. I was only thinking I hope Terence is ready to play! I got the girls stared as they were doing their warm up coach told me Chippy would be starting. I was kind of worried about this because she said she wasn’t hurt but she’s very stubborn and would not tell you if she was hurt. I watched the girls warm up they all looked fine this made me feel a little better. The weather was horrible, full cloud coverage and raining the whole start of the game. I wanted to beat JD but knew it was a far chance. We shut them out the first inning only letting one JD player on base. As our girls got ready to bat  we did our “hit, run, score” cheer and Chippy was up first. I was more worried that it would hurt if she hit the ball than pitched. She hit a single to left field. Our bates were alive in the first inning for once. They tried to walk our catcher Katie or “K bomber” is what I call her, but she smacked a ball deep into center field getting two runs in. After that they got our third out. We held them for the next three innings. In the fifth they scored two runs on us and it look like we was falling apart. But we came back fighting; we scored two more runs on them. The rain had stopped and the girls still had some fight in them. It was the 6th inning and they had bases full with one out. I was holding my breath the whole time, thinking it has been a good game and we still have two ups. Chippy struck the next girl out, now two outs one to go. The next girl hit a ball to our short stop and she made the play at first. Now was our time to get some runs. They held us at second and we didn't score. It was the top of the 7th and the score was 5 to 2. Our girls took the field all nervous but ready to hold them. The first girl got on with a slap bunt. The next girl hit a base hit to third. Now there was two players on but no outs. The next girl hit a shallow hit to left making bases loaded with no outs. This was even worst then last inning. Coach called a timeout and gave the in-field a little pep talk. Next girl Chippy struck out. Then the next batter hit to short stop and she made a double play ending the inning. We had beat an undefeated JD who everyone thought that they would be undefeated the whole season. I was so proud of our girls. We stuck in it with three injured girls. They showed great teamwork in this game. After watching my girls in this game I believe that we could go all the way. We only had three errors, but we did really good on batting!
If you are free tomorrow May 6th at 4:30 we have a home game at the Homer Elementary school. We are playing against the Phoenix Varsity softball team.You will be able to see what a great group these girls really are.

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