Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homer Softball!

Homer Varsity Softball Girls

As I have blogged about before I am helping out the Homer varsity softball girls. I made every practice and home game that I could. I was really happy I was able to experience working with these girls. I also plan on helping them till their season is over.

                At practice we will split up pitchers and catchers, infield and outfield to create move one on one time. I normally take outfield and hit pop flies to them. I mix the type of balls that I hit them from, ranging from left, right, shot, far back, and the occasional grounder. I enjoy working and helping all the girls.
                Before a game I soft toss to the girls, while coach hits balls to the others. When soft tossing I try to give them high, low, inside, and outside. After everyone has hit I catch the balls from the in and outfield while coach gives them situational plays. Once the pitcher and catcher are ready they take the field and I wait till they have finished their field warm up. Some games I coach first base, but most of the time coach Dwight is there. Even when I am not on the field coaching the girls come to me for help and advice. I am very happy Professor Yang assigned us to do at least ten hours of community service or i would not be helping out Homer Softball now.

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