Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Move Like a Rockstar

This is Beyonce's new video and song. She created this working with Michelle Obama's let's move campaign!
As you can see Beyoncé has an awesome new song and video out, to get everyone moving. At Cortland we created somewhat of a flash mob dancing to her Move your Body song.

In this video there are over 30 SUNY Cortland students doing the Move Your Body steps. We did this to help get the word out for everyone to get out and move. We didn’t have much time to review, but it was fun and I like the overall outcome. The steps in this song were simple. I feel like this would be good for students from grades 1 to 12th. There are seven missions in this song. They ranged from high knees, salsa, jump roping, and running man. There moves are easy and fun! I am so happy I was a part of this and hope everyone will follow along and move their bodies.

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