Friday, April 1, 2011

Tests in Physical Education class!!!

Many children enjoy PE class because they think they will be running around all day and will not have any test to take. But I believe learning should still take place in PE class. There are many types of test that could be giving to the students.
  • For example true or false test. T/F tests are the fastest to make and take, there is no bias, but the students that a 50% chance of getting the answer right.
  • Another type of test is multiple choice. This also has no bias, quick to grade, but students can use process of elimination.
  • There is also matching test that can be given. There is no bias, it is short, but there is a lot of room for guessing if not written correctly.
  • A teacher could also choose to make the test short answer questions. In this type of test students can receive 1/2 points, they have to think/ know more, but there can be bias from the teacher when grading.
  • The less likely way to test you students in PE is essays. But if given students can receive more credit for knowing the material, but there can be bias, and it takes a longer period of time to get done.
Many physical educators are faced with having to give test in gyms. This could be hard if they are not prepared with a game plan. The teacher should always remember have the students sit not lay down, all face the same wall, and tell them what will happen if caught talking or cheating. Also should inform them what to do after they are done and make sure you monitor the students at all times.

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