Friday, March 25, 2011

Teaching Cricket

For my lab C in EDU 255 I had to teach cricket. I decided to teach the three basic skills (bowling, batting, and fielding) and split the class into starions. I started the class with an everyone it tag game. Unfountaly I did not have music. As the students taged each other they had to eachange cards, when I said called out an activity they had to perfrom it for the number of times on the card. After the students were warmed up I did my intro (name, signal of attention, hook, and safty statement). I showed an one minute click of how to bowl in cricket. Then went into the cues. Same with batting and fielding. I split the students into the stations by the card color. They had a about 30 seconds at each station hiting each stations two times. At the end I gave the student a written exam and a short history sheet. Over all I felt like I used my TIME (ADDED TIME CODING) well. Also was able to give good FEEDBACK. The only thing I struggled with was keeping my back to the walls, because the students were so spread out.

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