Monday, March 21, 2011

How much is to much?

How does a coach know how much to push their athletes without harming them? This is a question every coach must ask themselves. There is no real line between just right and too far in coaching. Therefore a coach has to find the happy medium themselves. In order to find the just right amount to push your athlete a coach mush take a few things into account.
        1. the age of the athletes, also their skill level. Having a five year old try to do a lay up without the skill will only lead to failure for the athlete and coach.  
           2. the environment is something every coach must think about when pushing his/her athletes. If it is really hot or cold the athletes may not be playing at their natural skill level.
        3. an athletes health. If the athlete has a condition that makes it harder to do a skill whether it be mental of physical a coach must adjust to this. For example some athletes learn fast by visual, so having posters or demonstrate the activity while explaining it could help them. Also if an athlete has asthma the coach must make sure they don't do any activity that involves to much cardiovascular activities without them taking their inhaler.
          4. and last think a coach should take into account is what skill level the athlete is at. A child could be four-teen, but have the skill of  an eight year old depending on the activity and vise verse. With these four things in mind a coach should be able to keep their athletes safe and not push them to far.
Results of pushing an athlete too far could vary. The athlete could break down, get hurt, quit the sport or all sports, or the worst die. These are just a few things that could come out of a coach pushing his/her students to far.

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