Thursday, March 10, 2011


Spring is almost here!!! Now is the time to make life style changes to better your health and fitness. Standing is better than sitting, walking it better than standing, and jog/ running is better than walking. Remember this when you have to get to park center from the hill for class. If you are short on time it is understandable to take the bus. But instead of sitting stands. We all know how taught it is to stand still on those buses so it is a work work out on your muscles. If you do have extra time walk to Park or if it is cold jog. Taking little steps as in walking to Park and taking the bus back will keep you motivated. It is better to make small changes because you don't want to burn yourself out and get discouraged. Also making healthier choices on food is something to work towards. Choosing to eat fruit or veggies for a snack rather than chips or gummies. Remember you should make small changes to start. so rather than cutting soda completely out of you life, you should cut it done to one a day or one a week. Also breakfast is the most important meal! The first time you eat is when your metabolism starts. Therefore if you don't eat till 4:00pm all day you are running on nothing and aren't burning any calories.
Following these simple ideas can make you more fit, healthy and less stressed!

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