Thursday, February 17, 2011


4)List six behaviors teachers can engage in during activity that have the potential to directly contribute to lesson objectives?
                          1. Keeping a safe learning environment for the students.
                          2.Make sure students understand the task clearly and are engaged/ doing it as it was designed.
                          3. Observe to determine the response of the class to the task at hand.
                          4. Recheck often to usurer that students work is productive.
                          5. Observe individuals performance and assist as much as possible.
                          6. Maintain awareness of the whole group.
6) How can a teacher get off-task students on task?
                          This is the most important thing for a physical education teacher to be able to do. The main idea is to have or create structure. Have tasks that can and will challenge or help the student be successful. Give feedback will encourage any student, but you must use the right type at the right time. This leads us to our next question.
7) Write an example for each of the following types of feedback:
                        (1) General, Positive, Directed to the class, and Evaluative- "Tim good job kicking the ball today, we just need to work more on bring our knee up"
                        (2) Specific, Negative, direct to a group, in congruent, and corrective- "Red team when running to the black line you must touch the line no one is touching the line"
                         (3) Specific, positive, directed to the individual, corrective, and congruent- Joshua I like how are are stepping with your left foot when throwing the baseball, now lets work on your aim to your partners glove.

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